So this is us………we are Rachel & Pip, we met about 11 years ago through our partners and just got each other. Between us we have 5 children, one husband, one fiancé, a dog 🐶, cat🐱 & a hamster🐹 . The combination of a web designer with a fashion & lifestyle designer means we are a pretty well covered skills-wise to set up a small creative biz! The thing that convinced us down the party route however is the fact that 5 children means 5 birthday parties a year. Having attended quite a few we also know that they come with a mountain of waste from straws and plates to party bag contents (which often don’t even make it home or are chucked within a day). 

The Conscious Party Box was set up from our desire to encourage stylish themed events for children which don’t cost the Earth and create a lot of landfill waste – our kits are plastic-free and fully compostable, recyclable or reusable. We offer a range of options including mini party boxes, boxes for 6-10 guests and decoration packs.

10% of all of our profits go to @plasticoceansuk, and all of our products are recyclable and reusable. We believe having fun shouldn’t have to cost the earth – after all, what better gift is there to pass on to our children than a cleaner world?