Full Bumper Christmas Table Kit


Save £15 by buying our full table kit in 1 easy bundle! Do you want to create a simple and stylish Christmas table this year with no waste?  Our Christmas Table Bumper Kit could be just the thing for you.  Your box comes with everything you need to style the perfect Christmas table and we provide step by step instructions on what to do.  All of our products are either reusable, recyclable or compostable so when the festive fun comes to an end you will not be adding to the mountain of Christmas waste created each year.

We hand select the foliage from our suppliers at Covent Garden Flower Market and all boxes are sent out the same day to ensure everything is fresh when it arrives with you. The set will see you through from Christmas to New Year and you can keep many of the items to use again next year.

Each table decoration kit contains:
5 wooden discs
* 2 large candles
3 small candles
* 3 gold seed pods
4 lime slices
* 4 orange slices
5 tipped ocnes
* 5 plain cones
15 wooden stars
* Pine
Pussy willow
* Eucalyptus
* Rosemary
* Berry sprigs

Each place setting kit contains:
6 linen squares
* 6 wooden discs
* 6 cardboard tubes
* Hessian string
* 12 foliage springs
* 6 large wooden stars
* 6 name cards

When the Christmas dust has settled everything in your box can either be stored and reused, recycled or composted.

Charity Donation * 

10% of our profits go to Plastic Oceans UK & One Tree Planted, would you like to contribute a little more?

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