We hope you love your rainbow party kit and all it’s activities are enjoyed by you and all your guests!

There are a few things you and your guests will need in order to take part in the games and activities. Please send on this link which includes a list and a copy of these instructions so everyone can go at their own pace and enjoy each activity without the worry of missing any stage.

Click here to see what you will need to hand on the day



Colouring pens and pencils
2 tablespoons of milk (or alternative)
3/4 tablespoon of vegetable oil (or other flavourless oil)
Drop of vanilla essence (optional)
1 small bowl
1 fork


In your bag : Bingo card
You will need : Pencil or pen

How to play
1. You can decide how you want to decide the winner.  It can be first person to get a certain quantity of numbers of first person to fill a single row.  Once you have decided let the players know what they need to do.
2. Share your screen on zoom to allow everyone to see the number generator – located on this page.
3. Use the generator to call out the numbers and allow the players time to check their cards.
4. Keep going until someone shouts bingo!


How to play
1. Tell everyone what the first item on the scavenger hunt list is and then send them all off to find this item.
2. As each person returns tell them the next item on the list and send them off again.
3. Keep going until everyone has returned with all of the items on the list.
4. The winner is the first person to return with their last item.
5. For some added fun you can get them all to share what they managed to find.


In your bag : Individual cards with an items/words to describe

How to play
1. Choose the first person who is going to describe their item/word.
2. The other people at the party need to guess what is on their card.
3. They can do this by describing the item/word (without using the actual word) or acting out what it is.
4. Keep going until all cards are completed.


In your bag :  1 bamboo cup | 1 soil disc | 1 envelope of seeds

What to do
1. Place the soil disc inside the cup.
2. Cover with water and allow the soil to expand.
3. Once the soil has expanded make a hole in the centre of the soil by pulling.
4. Some of the soil to the edge of the cup using your fingers.
5. Sprinkle in the seeds.
6. Cover with a thin layer of soil.
7. Leave in a warm sunny spot and water regularly.
8. Watch your seeds grow and when ready planT in a bigger pot or into a flowerbed.


In your bag :  Metal ring | colourful beads | rainbow bead | thread
You will need : Scissors (adult supervision required)

What to do
1. Take your piece of thread and loop it through the metal ring.
2. Thread the beads onto the thread making sure both ends go through the holes.
3. Get your rainbow bead and push one end of the thread through the metal ringing tie with a double knot.
4. Snip off the ends of the thread and enjoy your colourful keyring!


In your bag : 1 bamboo cup | 1 pouch of dry ingredients | 1 envelope of sprinkles
You will need :  2 tablespoons of milk | 3/4 tbsp of vegetable oil | Drop of vanilla extract (optional)

What to do
1. Place the contents of the ingredients pouch in the bamboo cup and stir together with a fork.
2. Add the milk, oil and vanilla (if using) and mix until well combined.
3. Stir half of the sprinkles.
4. Microwave for 1 minute at full power.
5. Remove from microwave and decorate with remaining sprinkles.
6. Pop in your candle ready to be lit by an adult.