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Greetings, I’m Bridget, the founder of The Conscious Party Box, and I’m thrilled to have you here. In 2011, I established this platform to ignite creativity and celebrate life’s simple joys through budget-friendly crafts, recipes, and entertaining advice.

My mission is to inspire individuals to craft their unique memories using basic skills, common materials, and boundless creativity. At The Conscious Party Box, we’re all about transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, one imaginative idea at a time. I believe life’s magic lies in the little things, and my passion for celebration drives me to encourage families to mark life’s moments with the creative projects, free printables, and parties featured on my website.

Here, you’ll discover holiday crafts, DIY projects, recipes, and party tips that can be easily recreated in under an hour and on a budget. This leaves you with more time to craft unforgettable occasions filled with joy.

I transitioned from a marketing consultant to a DIY blogger and influencer. I share my life and celebrations with my handy husband and three lively kids. When I’m not entertaining, you’ll find me traveling, reading, or crafting. I’m also passionate about:

  1. Entertaining: Planning gatherings, big or small, and filling my home with good food, great friends, and laughter.
  2. Traveling: Exploring new cultures, foods, and adventures through road trips, cruises, or flights around the world.
  3. Picnics: Cherishing the simplicity and joy of picnics, whether with my kids, husband, or extended family.
  4. Flavored water: Elevating plain water with fruit-infused twists and creative ice cubes.
  5. Making lists: My love for organizing and the satisfaction of crossing tasks off handwritten lists.
  6. Chips and Salsa: An undying love for this snack, especially when paired with guacamole.

I relish the creative process and collaborating with incredible brands, always eager to connect with new individuals along the way.

Now you’ve got to know a bit more about me and my passions. I’m always excited to meet new people, so feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected].